Absinthe.com.au is the brainchild of two Australian absintheurs, Jonathan Carfax (based in Adelaide) & Robert Maxwell (based in Sydney).

Deeply involved in the earliest phases of the absinthe revival in Australia, both have played significant roles in the battle to dispel ongoing myths and promoting a new, emergent absinthe culture in the 21st century.

Recently, Daniel Hatadi has also come on board as the other Sydney-based correspondent.

Robert, a decade-long absintheur and self-confessed Libertine, has been a freelance journalist, history writer and style columnist across a variety of media, and is currently completing qualifications in historical archaeology and heritage management. His passion for absinthe is associated with his love of 19th century subaltern and illicit material culture, and is a passionate collector and commentator of absinthe and opium antiques and ephemera. He is currently working on a research project mapping the presence of absinthe in colonial and post-colonial Australia, and looks toward fostering an exciting, emergent community of absintheurs and their ilk, and an appreciation for absinthe culture in the 21st century.

Jonathan is a qualified medical herbalist and regulatory affairs professional with over a decade of experience in both government and industry in the legal controls of chemicals, food, herbal medicines and pharmaceuticals in various international markets. He was instrumental in 2001-2002 in successfully lobbying the Australian and New Zealand food standards authorities with toxicological safety submissions to prevent a proposed prohibition of Wormwood species from food, thereby ensuring ongoing legal access to absinthe in Australia.

Daniel, a crime fiction afficionado and author with a few years experience as an absintheur has not taken his new calling lightly. Taking upon himself the onerous task of sampling more than two dozen modern commercial offerings of absinthe, he has also delved deep into absinthe’s history in its physical form: imbibing no less than five pre-ban bottlings, ranging from 1895 to 1914. All the while documenting in written and photographic form his adventures of palate expansion courtesy of that magical combination of herbs we all love.

All three are dedicated to providing an uniquely Australian perspective on absinthe, and set out to provide their fellow absintheurs with the most up-to-date and reliable information on absinthe varieties and tasting notes, as well as providing a home for Australian Libertines and lovers of bohemian culture, decadence and art, both historic and contemporary.

This is the mission of Absinthe.com.au.

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