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Article on Gaudentia Persoz

Swiss media have published an interview with absinthe distiller Gaudentia Persoz, detailing her arrival in Val de Travers as a 16 year old, and the growing awareness of the sub-rosa absinthe trade occurring in the alps.


A nice read over a Sunday afternoon tipple.

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Adelaide Fringe Review 2013 – Fetish For Burlesque

We first reviewed Fetish Burlesque last year, and they got a fair bit of attention amongst the traps and have needed to scale up venue size – great to see a local act evolving and building on success.

Due to an unfortunate mis-reading of the start time I got to Fetish for Burlesque late to miss the opening act by former-Miss Burlesque SA 2012, Dezzie Damned…but more on her later.

Fortunately for me, host Jethro Heller’s sly comedic double entendre laden monologues gave me enough time to slip in to see the remaining proceedings.

Desert Rose has no doubt been reading the Poisoner’s Handbook for this routine as she drugs and does away with some poor soul, all the while swaying and swinging to heavy trip hop electro beats. In fact there is something of the minimalist charm in Ms Rose’s routines, particularly in her follow up Pin Up style tease which she does with restraint, tease and a tinge of dark melancholy over a heavy reverb laden guitar playing “Bang Bang”. Despite the rocked out end of the routine ending with a major pastie failure – she kept a certain composure and continuity that makes me think we will see a lot of good things from her in the future (and I mean artistically, not anatomically, dear reader…)

Roxy L Danger’s first routine had her emerge to stage in Art Deco splendour, like she had just been ripped off a statue mounting. Strutting over an up-tempo version of “Do Right”, wielding a striking pair of scarlett fans, she demonstrated high poise and grace. Being adept in light & shade her follow up routine was a Vodou-Noir tale of esoteric manipulation, seduction and revenge – the victim becoming torturer underpinned by Marilyn Manson’s cover of “I Put A Spell On You”. Woman, versatility is thy name.

The divine Ms Dezzi Damned never fails to impress – a grand entrance and costuming style having a certain Cruella DeVille presence over some impressive dark ambient sounds laying down some gravitas. What followed over screaming metal shredding, was a gorelesque erotica extravaganza as she channelled the very essence of Elizabeth Bathory in all her regal glory. Imagination is what marks good burlesque these days, not just by the numbers routines, and Dezzie showed why she took our last years State crown.

Troupe producer Skye Williams deserves kudos for pushing the production smarts up a notch or ten, and we look forward to seeing what 2014 brings.

See the remaining performances while you can.

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