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Adelaide Fringe Review 2013 – At The Movies With Peaches’n’Gin

Let me just say up front that Luna Eclipse & Sapphire Snow are, as far as I am concerned, the Reigning Royalty of Burlesque in South Australia, and while we will have many a deserving Princess crowned annually as part of Miss Burlesque, and rightly should they be held in high Regal regard, Luna & Sapphire hold a hereditary title between them that will only be passed on by retirement or accidental defenestration.

There are shows that may have more glitz, expensive sound and light shows, and military precision routines. But what they often lack is humour & comedic timing, creativity, intimate audience connection, and when it counts, an unabashed sensuality – my friends, the Peaches & Gin crew consistently offer this in spades and serve as a benchmark by which I judge much other Burlesque.

At The Movies, hosted by Lady Cara & Rowan Watts, is becoming something of a Fringe tradition, and glad I am that it is an evolving beast, and not a static act replayed annually.

An introductory Gentleman Prefer Blondes number, all ablaze in red sequins and to the tune of the country number “Little Rock” was show girl strut at its finest.

Lady Cara threw in a clever cover of Kate Miller Hiedke’s Facebook song “Are You Fucking Kidding Me?” just to show that cabaret can evolve past dreary renditions of Mein Herr. (Hooray).

Call out routines include a highly erotically charged, and funny, Predator Burlesque performance that will stir confusing feelings of xenophilia amongst the geek set. The ante was upped even further when “Harry Potter and the Love That Must Not Be Named” takes to the stage, all phallically Freudian with wands at the ready.

Like the sacrilegious Mary Poppins routine, the girls offered up spoonfuls of sugar, and not only did the medicine go down, like a hormone filled teenager abusing dextromethorphan cough syrup I’d happily go back for another bottle.

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Adelaide Fringe Review – Anything Goes

It was a delight to see the thoroughly undead Weimar cabaret transvestite Blue Angel materialise back on Earth again as MC. She got the crowd in mood quickly, and with her opening number of “Cigarettes and Chocolate” she captured a later observation of hers “Maybe it is better to be led by our depraved unconscious”.

Cherry Lush was ripe and ready with cabaret standard ‘Mein Herr’ – but rather than have it stand as a cabaret museum piece it was personalised and woven amongst her own tales of rampant teutonic lust.

The guilty pleasure of hardcore stiletto and leather nazi fashion chic was manifested through an imposing Venus Vamp, who like one of Blue Angels lyrical chocolates (with cigarettes!) slowly shed the hard shell over an adagio 1920’s German piano tune to reveal a silky sensuous centre of pure erotic movement.

I never had considered the possibility of Weimar-styled Noh theatre, but Paloma Negra gave an emotionally raw calisthenic performance that projected an energy disproportionate to the minimalism, all over the aching tunes of ‘Wild Is The Wind’.

This was then followed by Mathias the Libidinous who put on the Ritz and put out in a high energy Boylesque strip tease number, that was just as Dandy as his attire.

A good Cabaret needs a good dose of the funnies, and taut and terrific cross-dressing Boylesque performer Lolita La Tex took it to another level by singing a wonderful filk on “Fever” who scratched that itch with the decidedly filthy “Beaver” that left one reaching for the Canestan.

If Jim Morrison were still alive (besides being a DJ in Ibiza) he would no doubt regularly accompany Blue Angel as she showed the that musical poetry of The Doors was lacking until you introduced tap dancing, on “Been Down So Long”. God Damn indeed.

Showing you can’t keep a good man down, especially first thing in the morning, Mithias the Libidinous was back “Feeling Good” with a scarlett silk sheet bed routine that provided the slower sensuality counterbalance to his earlier energetic manifestation on stage, confirming him a performer with good light and shade in his repertoire.

I don’t doubt for a minute that what Cherry Lush wants, Cherry gets – again she personalised the song of “What Lola Wants”, made it hers (unlike some mimed versions I’ve seen this Fringe…) Combined with a gorgeous burlesque disrobing & tease she provided all the necessary sass & fun in bosom loads.

Music choice, people. Nothing shits me more than a bad burlesque musical selection – but I was filled with awe and respect when Lolita La Tex returned resplendent in a funereal noir fan dance done to Tori Amos’s cover of the Joe Jacksons “Real Men”, it worked on so many levels, one of the stand out performances of the night.

Paloma Negra then gave us an intimate performance with Henri, her trapeze bar, herself adorned in a painfully intricate shibari body harness, becoming as one with her hanging companion. A bonded aerial dance, exposed and somehow intimate and private, that made us as voyeurs to something very introspective and soul felt.

Again I was captured musically by Venus Vamps choice of Einsturzende Nebautens “Silence is Sexy” as an embodiment of neo-Weimar sentiment – the nod to the old cloaked in the new. Adorned in stylish, ubergothic vintage splendour, her Dance of Dementia connected to the emotional anguish and swings of emotion of a mind cycling between a violent cacophony of memories and stillness.

As Blue Angel finished with the Brecht/Weill “Alabama Song” – I decided I could do with a whisky or two. My demands for something cutting edge that met the definitions of “Fringe” performance were sated. Show me the way to the next little dollar indeed, Ms Angel – for I am spent.

Anything Goes will be performed 13 March, 14 March & 15 March 2012 at Fowlers Live, 9pm, $23.00.

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