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Adelaide Fringe 2015 – Glitta Supernova Experience: Let’s Get METAphysical Review


It is not insignificant that more than one Eastern states burlesque artist with whom I am acquainted have repeatedly cited Glitta Supernova as a catalyst for them taking up the Art. And after seeing her troupe in “Pretty Peepers” last Fringe, I understand why.


It’s a new year, a new Fringe and Glitta is back, solo, in salubrious new surrounds at the Royal Croquet Club with her “Let’s Get METAphysical” show.


Remember what I said, a couple of reviews ago that those looking to push the burlesque art into the most interesting directions are telling stories? This isn’t just a story….it’s a delicious (im)morality tale of a small hippy town girl lured into the hedonist post-punk nirvana of late 80’s Sydney.




Her autobiographical baggage is gradually unburdened in close concert to her level of dress, as she deconstructs herself from Stepford Wife into a bare all Bacchanalian insurgent with a message straight from Cosmic Coincidence Control Centre.


Interspersed with porcine & smurf orientated porn titillation – this is full contact art experimentation with vulgarity, absurdism, gynaecological in-jokes, nudity and amyl. If acronyms are lost on you, feel free to tune out and return to pre-programmed stupor.


Like a manifestation of Kali-Ma herself, she conducts her performance like a puja with the desire of destroying ignorance, mediocrity, conservatism…dear Middle of the Road Adelaide…this Goddess has you in her sights and will crush you between her thighs. This may be a promise, or a threat – take it as you will.


‘Tis an ill wind that blows no minds, and Glitta will be there to blow yours  – particularly throughout the remaining week of the Adelaide Fringe at the Black Box, Royal Croquet Club..



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Adelaide Fringe 2015- Memento Mori by Ensemble Galante


You probably haven’t heard yet, but live chamber music is IN. That’s right. It’s hip. It’s the next phase in retro. And Ensemble Galante are among the vanguard.


You can find much in the media at the moment about the death of classical music as a recorded art form and as large format production – with many an opera company and symphony orchestra hitting the wall.

So maybe with Adelaide’s explosion of small bars, small dining, the timing is exquisite to forgo the ostentatious, and return to small format performance, in small places, with small audiences where one can have a glass of decent wine and take in music more osmotically. Immediately, accessibility increases and up-and-coming performers have more options to hone their craft, collaborate and experiment in delivering centuries old material to new audiences in new ways.


Memento Mori – Remember You Are Mortal is a gothic & boutique performance by this accomplished troupe of period instrumentalists in the contained and acoustically suited Jade Monkey, adjoining the old St Pauls Church complex. Upon entry into the performance space a heavy ambience was immediately conveyed through candle light and a glorious Memento Mori altar dedicated to the impermanence of existence – skulls, flowers and overturned cups. The ensemble, bare foot and adorned in appropriate stygian hue take to the stage to deliver a wonderful program of harpsichord, string & wind baroque music ranging from Jean-Marie Leclair, Bach, Vivaldi & Hadyn staged over three acts.

Still life paintings & woodcuts from the mid to late Renaissance, studies on mortality and death, were projected behind them to create a meditative multimedia experience of both period sounds and sights. While the pieces of music selected themselves were not specifically themed on death, the paintings projected often themselves reflect the instrumentation featured – themselves being reminders of the fleeting vitality when the final breath can no longer evoke the charms of the flute, when age has reduced the viol to a mute stringless monument to happier times. Even my ever draining glass of Sauvignon blanc should serve as a reminder that such pleasure are but passing moments.


We need more chamber music staged in such a manner such that we feel we are the fortunate few. Where a little forethought on the performance connecting to our senses in ways other than aurally can deliver a truly magnificent experience.


While Memento Mori was a limited performance run for Adelaide Fringe, I recommend you following them on Facebook for future performances.

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Adelaide Fringe 2015: SHAKE! Review


I’m somewhat optimistic with the changes I am seeing in burlesque of late. More than just a collection of routines and loosely appended cabaret, there are story arcs, dialogue and comedy. SHAKE! By (Miss Burlesque Victoria 2013) Becky Lou is an embodiment of this evolution.


It is a time honoured piece of advice to writers to “write about what you know’ – but as many authors point out, this is not about retelling history, but about revisiting emotions.   And while SHAKE! is an autobiographical production tracing the events and milestones that shaped Becky Lou’s trajectory to a Burlesque belle, more importantly what she shares with the audience is a big beating heart worn on her sleeve.




Her story, starting from a Madonna-inspired childhood, moving through awakening teen sexuality and the realities of suffering artistic compromise to pay the bills, is interspersed with sexy strip numbers to ensure the baring of her body and soul are in equal measures.


And in this, there may be something in particular that the burlesque practitioner brings to the performing arts that makes the reception of thought provoking monologues and comedic delivery most effective. Becky Lou is an adept in the eye to eye, of pulling an audience in and holding a room. So, despite her softy spoken nature –when she has our attention through her physical prowess, she then uses this to good measure to unfurl her cerebral musings on her life and motivations.


In so doing, this show becomes greater than the sum of its parts. It is erotic, laced with hilarity and moments of introspection and poignancy. As such, I think many burlesque performers are now on notice that ‘technique’ transcends physical dexterity, dance routines and clever props. It is as much about whether you have a story to tell – any story – and can you take the audience on that journey?

SHAKE! is playing until the 15 March 2015 at the Adelaide Fringe @ The Coffee Pot off Rundle Mall.


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Adelaide Fringe 2015 – ‘The Gin Sisters’ Review


It is always a pleasure to attend Burlesque Court of Adelaide’s Royal “We”, Sapphire Snow and Luna Eclipse, and the 40C weather leaning itself to a icey G&T – The Gin Sisters was an aptly titled performance.


Those of you, like myself, who have followed the evolution of their performances over the last half-a-dozen years will no doubt be familiar with the strong but silent physical comedy & chemistry the two bounce between themselves – but tonight marked a departure from previous routines. Comedic dialogue!


It may seem a strange thing to highlight, but the fact that for years the two have successfully projected a unique brand of comedy burlesque that is almost a little like silent movie slapstick on stage – this is a wonderful development to discover more of their personalities.


The show plays beautifully on passive aggressiveness, and competitiveness, but in a way much like sisters would engage in. Jealousy & psychodrama intertwine cleverly into burlesque standards such as Sapphires sabotaged Fan Dance, and spill over in Luna’s “Cuban Pete” routine where the battle for dominance manifests in who leads the Tango. There is a battle of the wills and wobbly’s over whether Luna’s posterior tassel twirls outdo Sapphire’s self-described “Little Bags of Squishy Love” in orbital overdrive. But the apparent bitterness is counterbalanced with moments of familial tenderness (or is that pity?) by Sapphire, as she dotes on Luna over her battle with good follicular hygiene mid-bump & grind.


8032_The-Gin-Sisters-2-by-Brent-Leideritz_EFUL_IMAGE The Gin Sisters-by Brent Leideritz


But sometimes a personal dispute can only be settled honourably by a duel – on the dance floor no less – and while krumping has yet to make the full transition to burlesque, the deadly aim of a Charleston can inflict just as much damage – and both ladies are no wallflowers in this art form.


I’m not going to project any pondering psychological sub-text to the performance, but when you are at the top of your game as a duo, to play on perceptions of rivalry is a very clever way to bring in the discourse and spoken word elements and play off a natural dynamic. It also means for long term fans, just when you think you know what they are about, you get to learn just a little bit more about them as individuals, and as an artistic team.


Unfortunately the Gin Sisters was a limited run performance, however this should entice you to discover their other artistic offering this Fringe in Big Band Burlesque with a host of guests, or else you can get some instruction from the ladies themselves in the Burlesque for Beginners Workshops being run throughout March.

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