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Join A Cult This Friday the 13th

With Friday the 13th fast approaching, those canny corsetiers of bohemian haute couture at Gallery Serpentine in Sydney will be holding a special Night Sale from 5pm to 9pm, with 13% of all stock, as well as a range of ‘Black Cat Specials’ providing 15 to 50% of seconds and samples.

Gallery Serpentine is located at Shop 2/112-116 Enmore Road, Enmore, NSW.

Crazier than a padded room full of inmates in Bedlam, I say.

Gallery Serpentine will also be the venue that night for the launch of The Cult of Scent – a specialist fragrance line by perfumer Jocelyn Fullerton.

Cult of Scent is a range of artisan perfumes walking between the worlds of antique and modern perfume. The creation of fragrance and preparation of the extracts is a mysterious alchemy, reflected in the dance of the essences as they weave into your skin and psyche.

Dear Absintheur – it is one thing to look splendid in your finest Gallery Serpentine custom frock coat or laced corsetry while drinking a glass of absinthe, but it is yet another thing to also carry about you the air and aroma of expensive decadence.

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Steampunk accessories for the modern lifestyle


Does your antique absinthe set look slightly odd sitting next to your brand new 21st century flatscreen home computer? Do you find yourself wishing that those things we have come to rely on in our daily lives, like home computers, mobiles, scanners and iPods were a little more in keeping with your decadent, eldritch 19th century absintheur soul?

Well, it would appear you are not alone.

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