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The Most Exciting News You Will Hear Today

Boules d’absinthe de chocolat


These absolutely delicious liquid centred absinthe truffles have been commissioned exclusively for Absinthesalon. There are currently four varieties produced from a combination of the finest Swiss couverture, French and Swiss absinthe. For a limited time you will receive two complimentary absinthe truffles when you place an order with Absinthesalon.

Free chocolate! Its a win-win situation.

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What I Want For My Birthday, Item #1

Absinthe Fountain by Andy Paiko

American glass artist Andy Paiko makes beautiful things. Absolutely gorgeous things which marry the modern and the historical. Each piece evokes the atmosphere of the Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities… beautiful things which have an air of functionality, but are ultimately ephemeral, often like ghosts of themselves… such as the glass spinning wheel , seismograph or his bell jar series. What I want, however, is highly functional, and sculpturally magnificant – one of his absinthe fountains. Complete with skull-and-crossbones motif on the bowl, gold spigots and finely worked glass finial and foot, they are sinister and arrestingly attractive at the same time… like all the best things in life.

Look here for more of Andy’s work.

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