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From Inside The Green

I’m writing this entry after having worked through two bottles of Mansinthe, a bottle and a half of Kubler 53, a bottle each of Lemercier 72 and La Fee Parisian, a handful of glasses of Duplais Verte, and a lone, muddy louche of Jacques Senaux Black.

Needless to say, this wasn’t in a single evening.

It’s been a few months now since I had my first taste of Mansinthe, but the details of the event are still clear to me. Matter of fact, I’m sipping the last glass from my second bottle as I write this, and Marilyn Manson’s particular version of la fee verte is doing a decent job of jogging my memory.

When we last left my intrepid adventures into the world of absinthism, I was riding my bicycle home with the bottle, glasses, spoon and sugar cubes stowed away in my backpack. Thankfully, Crumpler makes excellent storage equipment, so I arrived home without incident.

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Posted by Daniel Hatadi on May 7th 2008 | Filed in Absinthe-Minded Journal | Comments (0)

An Absinthe-Minded Journal Begins

We at would like to introduce an ongoing series of contributions from one our dear friends and readers, who will chronicle his discoveries and thoughts on absinthe as a relative newcomer to the drink.  Much like coming to appreciate wine, absinthe is a journey of many roads, with no particular destination sought nor required. Join with us in following Daniel’s particular individual journey into the world of absinthe…. 

Welcome, dear absinthe-minded readers, drinkers and lovers, to the first entry in this journal, a documentation of my travels from absinthe inductee to connoisseur, assuming this lofty goal will ever be achieved. Here we shall learn of my first eager and tentative sips of this magical green elixir, as well as my introduction to the rituals and varieties of absinthe, all tied up in a gift box of personal observations of absinthe as it relates to art and life.

But let me first introduce myself. My name is Daniel Hatadi. By day, a computer programmer in the shady field of gambling. By night, a writer in the shadiest genre of them all, crime fiction. At other times I have been a musician and — like any hard drinking, hard living rock and roll type — it was through music that I had my first experience with absinthe.

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Posted by Daniel Hatadi on Mar 19th 2008 | Filed in Absinthe-Minded Journal | Comments (0)