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Drinking Charlotte…Sometimes

While in Brussels earlier this year, I stopped in for a quick qwaff at The Floris Bar , which is always a good strategy in order to find something not presently being hawked in Australia.

Across the bar, this particular specimen – Absinthe La Charlotte – caught my eye and coin purse, as I decided to acquaint myself with whatever charms she may have to offer.

Charlotte 0


Distillerie Paul Devoille, located in Fougerolles in France, is no stranger to this site – being the source of torrid sex in glass Libertine Amer Absinthe , so it is with interest we partake to see whether this is more of a gentle foreplay or post-coital pillow talk.


Charlotte 2


First to the nose – sweet notes, something that reminded me strongly of Yellow Chartreuse, and a raw herbaceous Elder flower layer. But not much more than that.


Charlotte 3


While we are undertaking this courtship with a carafe of chilled water rather than the finesse of a fountain drip, by golly, it is quick to louche. Methinks our Charlotte has been kept a prisoner of desire, and rather than a slow tease and reveal, we are in bodice ripping territory. Fennel and aniseed blooms from the glass and lingers, a welcome bouquet to cover the miasma of stale cigarette smoke that hangs in the venue.

Charlotte 4


The colour is somewhere between asparagus and olive, rich dark tones, conjuring thick afternoon storm clouds rolling off the horizon as the dilution continues.


Charlotte 5

The louche is thick and obscures the spoon. The raw herbaceous notes have pulled back as a refined sweet chocolate hyssop aromatic takes the foreground.

Very aniseed dominant to the taste. Held in the mouth the talcum powder line is strong, and yet fleeting when casually sipped. It is unfortunately all tops and bottoms in terms of flavour profile. The foundation is strong and the higher register flavours, while present, seem to lack forte. I don’t feel anything is marrying the two.

Certainly a reasonable absinthe for those on the road to experience, but rife with timidity that is not characteristic of distillery companion, Libertine Amer.

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