Adelaide Fringe Review – Love, Loss & Latte’s




Love, Loss & Latte’s will linger like the flavours of a fine single origin roast, carefully ground and extracted at the perfect temperature.

A mixture of callisthenic movement, dance, aerial circus and monologue – Missy takes us on her personal journey with the roasted bean soup many of us love, maybe rely upon. And the point well-made is that everyone in modern society has a relationship with coffee – whether as a lover or an avoider. But it is inescapable, ubiquitous, both overtly and subtly punctuating waking moments of the world around us. Even in a society which forgoes their relationship with alcohol – coffee is the forgivable sin.

But it is both remedy and poison.

Coffee can be both an aid to endurance during our years of study, as it was for Missy’s, but it can also accentuate our very restlessness and our dissatisfaction. That difficult balance is expertly explored on a vertical pole, a cup of joe being expertly balanced upon outstretched appendages as Missy performs manoeuvres requiring a degree of muscle strength and anatomical prowess well beyond any initial illusion of her diminutive frame.   Even planted upon her head – always on her mind, even if unconsciously- it is ever present as she picks up the pieces of her life around her, this paradoxical movement & stillness frequently the utopian relationship we may strive for.

But withdrawal from this liquid life’s staff is no easy matter. The cravings and debilitation are palatable in Missy’s primal movements. If a cup of strong, black coffee was trying to beguile me – I’m sure it would also be speaking in seductive German and sounding like Blixa Bargeld over post-rock noisescapes. Upon the aerial silks, the long slow climb to detoxed functionality is marked with sine-wave crests and troughs, jaw dropping somersaults and spins being performed before us as she clutches on by the barest of handhold and foot bind. The metaphor of addiction has ever been thus.

But when the coffee is good, and the mind-body axis is prepared, it is the catalyst to creativity and productivity. To making good art, innovation– even fixing the world’s problems. Or just your own. Mental clarity at its sharpest, finding ourselves in that slipstream of mental flight. Much like Missy on a suspended aerial ring, not grappling desperately at the device swinging before us, but at one with it. She majestically moves, contorts, slides and curves on this pendulum, but always in total freedom.

There’s a few shows left this weekend – if you are a tea drinker, come to the dark side.

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