Adelaide Fringe 2015 – Blues and Burlesque: Hotter Than Hell Review


Happy Hour was just to get you warmed up. Socially lubricated.


Now it was time for me to get Hotter Than Hell with Blues & Burlesque, once again within the rarefied atmosphere of La Boheme. I make the interesting observation, one I made a couple of years back at an Adelaide Fringe burlesque act, that not counting the hens party, the majority of the audience are well into their elder years. Maybe an Over 50 Shades of Grey aphrodisiac outing? The retirement home may well be rocking tonight when the lights go out– maybe something Vicious Delicious and Scarlett Belle are used to being the protagonists for….maybe something they didn’t want to think about….<gallic shrug>


Speaking of Vicious Delicious, she bursts onto the stage like a crashing chandelier to the thumping piano of Peter Saunders– sparkling, glorious to behold, and maybe shocking the unprepared with her ‘Bitch Song’, amongst a collection of ascerbic biting one liners and teasing heckles to the unsuspecting.


Blues & Burlesque2


Joined by Scarlett they make us “Feel That Crazy Beat” with a lively display of tightly coordinated show girl jazz, a very polished and professional performance which is by no means ‘by the numbers’. It takes no small amount of skill to allow two very different personalities project loudly in performance, and yet maintain a level of integration & balance in delivery.


Inevitably there are the burlesque virgins who have not partaken in the pleasure of cabaret striptease before, and Scarlett has a special sultry song to bring them along for the ride. Smouldering on stage, with equal parts tease and reveal she instructed them to manage their expectations and anticipa…..tion. Mercy.


The audience gets good measure from Viscious Delicious once more – an almost Theatre Sport number where audience member Luke had to keep his composure and his clothes, while Ms Delicious gradually shed hers. She may claim on stage to be past doing burlesque but she sizzles when it counts. Also a must mention from me is “You’ve Changed”, her enchantingly sung lament to love lost to time, combined with loss of hip flexibility as she wrestled with the top of an upright piano to serenade us on.


Hotter Than Hell is funny, sexy and entertaining, this production having a strong Broadway show vibe vocally, visually and aurally under the musical direction of maestro Peter Saunders. It is playing throughout the rest of the Adelaide Fringe, so there is bound to be a night that suits you.


Grab ya’ grandparents and take them along!

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