Adelaide Fringe 2015 – ‘The Gin Sisters’ Review


It is always a pleasure to attend Burlesque Court of Adelaide’s Royal “We”, Sapphire Snow and Luna Eclipse, and the 40C weather leaning itself to a icey G&T – The Gin Sisters was an aptly titled performance.


Those of you, like myself, who have followed the evolution of their performances over the last half-a-dozen years will no doubt be familiar with the strong but silent physical comedy & chemistry the two bounce between themselves – but tonight marked a departure from previous routines. Comedic dialogue!


It may seem a strange thing to highlight, but the fact that for years the two have successfully projected a unique brand of comedy burlesque that is almost a little like silent movie slapstick on stage – this is a wonderful development to discover more of their personalities.


The show plays beautifully on passive aggressiveness, and competitiveness, but in a way much like sisters would engage in. Jealousy & psychodrama intertwine cleverly into burlesque standards such as Sapphires sabotaged Fan Dance, and spill over in Luna’s “Cuban Pete” routine where the battle for dominance manifests in who leads the Tango. There is a battle of the wills and wobbly’s over whether Luna’s posterior tassel twirls outdo Sapphire’s self-described “Little Bags of Squishy Love” in orbital overdrive. But the apparent bitterness is counterbalanced with moments of familial tenderness (or is that pity?) by Sapphire, as she dotes on Luna over her battle with good follicular hygiene mid-bump & grind.


8032_The-Gin-Sisters-2-by-Brent-Leideritz_EFUL_IMAGE The Gin Sisters-by Brent Leideritz


But sometimes a personal dispute can only be settled honourably by a duel – on the dance floor no less – and while krumping has yet to make the full transition to burlesque, the deadly aim of a Charleston can inflict just as much damage – and both ladies are no wallflowers in this art form.


I’m not going to project any pondering psychological sub-text to the performance, but when you are at the top of your game as a duo, to play on perceptions of rivalry is a very clever way to bring in the discourse and spoken word elements and play off a natural dynamic. It also means for long term fans, just when you think you know what they are about, you get to learn just a little bit more about them as individuals, and as an artistic team.


Unfortunately the Gin Sisters was a limited run performance, however this should entice you to discover their other artistic offering this Fringe in Big Band Burlesque with a host of guests, or else you can get some instruction from the ladies themselves in the Burlesque for Beginners Workshops being run throughout March.

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