Adelaide Fringe 2015 – Blues and Burlesque: Happy Hour Review


Did you know Scotland banned the Happy Hour in 2009? Not being a Scot, neither did I.

So when the Blues & Burlesque crew – piano man Pete Saunders, and manic chanteuses Vicious Delicious and Scarlett Bell – tour their Happy Hour cabaret variety show up North of Hadrian’s Wall it no doubt garners a hungry attention, and not just from those suffering Buckfast withdrawal.

And so should it soothe the cultural delirium tremens of the searching Adelaide Fringe punter.

Returning once again to take up residency within the elegant surrounds of La Boheme, our piano playing cat the in flat cap beguiled us with a toe tapping tuneful but hazardous musical alliance of Robert Smith sporting Mickey Mouse ears, before Ms Delicious dazzled with a faux-francophile Eartha Kitt-esque number of ribald cuckoldry and humiliation.

Guest artist, Magician and possible used car salesman Paul Dabek, peppered us with rapid Browning gun delivery of witty one liners and visual cantrips evoking the age old question “How Long Is A Piece of String” by demonstrating his knotty Boy Scout achievement badge through a series of clever illusions.

Blues & Burlesque

She may only have a cubic zirconia budget, but Scarlett Belle proved she is a rare gem with her rendition of Diamonds Are Forever, eventually revealing every facet of her gorgeous form in a slow burly striptease.

Guest performer Tessa Waters explored matters both hirsute and of gender stereo-typing in her interpretative dance & physical comedy routine that paid tribute the joys of freedom of expression, whale song and secondary sexual characteristics. We were also blessed with Adelaide’s own Luna Eclipse, our favourite genie in a djinn bottle, who whilst being short on wishes, took us on a magic lino square ride of jokes, tragic magic and boobie & butt tassel coordinated fun.

Finally the B&B crew showed they are truly the sharpest tools in the shed, and sang a riotous ode to the personal services a decent tradie can bring to the lonely woman at home, and why there’s nothing dumb about wanting some decent hammers in their box.

Blues & Burlesque: Happy Hour is playing right throughout the Fringe Festival, so plenty of opportunities to catch this regularly lauded and awarded Fringe Festival act.

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