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Adelaide Fringe Review 2014 – Pretty Peepers


Before seeing Pretty Peepers, it is worthwhile knowing a little bit about the history of the Theatre of the Absurd, and in particular the Surrealist manifestations such as the conceptual Theatre of Cruelty by Artonin Artaud where the intent is visceral physical impact upon the audiences sensibilities, where the body is a canvas for transcendence in performance.

If this seems like too much artistic wankery for your stomach, then a dose of mind-altering chemicals is your other option prior to setting foot in the Peacock Performance Tent and subjecting yourself to the cabaret apocalypse of Kira Carden, Glitta Supernova and Betty Grumble.


The first act I can only describe as Janus-headed Disco Mouseketeer Chorus Line Terrorism.  Go on, let your imagination go crazy – it would still not be on the money.


This was followed by a distinctly bedlamesque prose reminiscent of the most heavily medicated nursing home residents having a psychotic reaction, and don’t-you-know-the-nurses-are-stealing-my-money.


A sexy-school girl incarnated with feminine smiling Robin Gibb impersonating Zhu Bajie performed a highly political burlesque number that demonstrates why the Rudd-government alcopop tax achieved very little public health outcomes.


A Lolita-cross-Raggedy Ann then stripped down to barest black essentials and delivered a scorching hot hula hoop routine that mixed hot sass and contortionist stretches, that I’m sure also had an important socio-political commentary, but I was a little too captivated to jot anything down.


We also got a delightful home movie about an aspiring pornographic actress with a Watership Down fetish demonstrating root vegetable fellating and other highly popular German acts guaranteed to stick a carotenous product up the conservative Family First fundament.


There was more hulahoops by swamp things, exhibitionist carnivorous vegetation, funky fecophilia-driven footwork and creative use of porterhouse steaks in an Avon-lady curated vaginal monologue.


Obscene, vulgar, lewd, anarchic, sexy as all hell and a goddamn hoot.

Remaining shows this weekend only!  Take the whole family…and await a visit from Community Services.

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Adelaide Fringe Review 2014 – Miss Fortunes The Beautiful & The Damned

Adelaide Fringe appears blessed with a number of international burlesque tourers and all the better when they converge in once place with some local talent. Thankfully, it appears the scourge of ‘corporate entertainment burlesque’ evident in previous years has taken a backseat this Fringe with some more heartfelt performances taking the stage.  Miss Fortune‘s “The Beautiful & The Damned” is one such production.

The delightful Sarina del Fuego, international showgirl of mystery who bounces between Australia & UK, commenced the evening under the shadow of double bass driven swagger in a cool black lace and nicotine routine where understatement and subtlety paradoxically inverts into a visual converation about sexiness sans flamboyance. Her follow up performance continued the point about minimalism with a slow sensual strip tease adorned in sugar white.  Certainly not saccharine, and undoubtedly very bad for those with a sweet tooth for charm & seduction.

Pantherian local Leopard Lass hit us hard with frantic flapper jazz electro beats with a sharp androgynine sass, gymnastic street dance moves and strip tease.  Not one to stand back from the audience, she broke out the filthy jazz number in her follow up routine making us just as much of the furniture in this most raunchy unpeeling.


North Country UK, Raven Noir emerged onto the stage like a Tarot High Priestess card – hard corseted, adorned, resplendent in corvine sable with matching headdress. The reverb cranked high over feedback screeching guitars as belly dance hip swings invoked a most dark psychedelic unveiling.  The second number was underpinned by dirty & desperate blues rock which had her bloom in elaborate black & purple extravagance like a underworld Brazilian Carnival showgirl – a performing Pompa Gira extracting her dues from those who would dare to tangle with her.


British born Doll-I-Am skipped onto the scene like a tragic Spring Queen, floral and innocent and yet suffering the tragedies of bad footwear. In a welcome comedic twist, the procurement of Forbidden Red Shoes climaxes in a satanic tap dance routine to Iron Maiden, such a mix of stylistic cues I have not yet encountered elsewhere.  Further invoking her penchant for child hood fairy tale allusions her Wind Up Toy routine mixed ballet technique and 80’s moves in a clever combination of genres.


Silk Desire, from Italy, was a beautiful wave of technical expertise – belly dance, contortionism, ballet & burlesque – her creativity knew no bounds as evident in her two performances. Manifesting initially as a twirling hip swinging sequined disco ball on an endorphin high, to delivering a classy Renaissance striptease that started on ‘pointe work’ and then busted out to some  sassy jazzy Eine Kliene Nachtmusik.

The Beautiful & The Damned have a long Fringe season, so there is plenty of opportunity to get yourself a ticket and treat yourself to some class performances.

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