Adelaide Fringe Review 2014 – Blues and Burlesque


The patrons shuffle into the boutique opulence that is La Boheme, all velvet hangings, art deco wallpaper and subdued lighting.  The little diablo on my shoulder informs me a suitable potation is called for, nay, demanded to properly accompany this evenings entertainment, and the barman indulges my need for something period with a mighty fine Sazerac, made with a Kubler absinthe wash.


The ivories begin to tinkle under the dancing digits of ex-Dexy’s Midnight Runners pianist, Pete Saunders, whose banter and bluesy growl led tunes on the topics of ne’er-do-well showgirls started to invoke the atmosphere of a smokey speakeasy (albeit without the actual smoke thanks to the health lobby).




Then like a pure white peace dove released from the bow of the ark – the delightful Sarina de Fuego glided onto the stage. Pearlescent, bearing fans that beat with angelic grace, she gave an elegant & graceful performance full of seductive smiles, possibly lulling us into a false sense of security unaware of the maelstrom to come.


Cranking up the heat, Pete applied a blow torch to the cabaret crucible by introducing our pair of Femme Fatales, Scarlett Belle and Vicious Delicious, into a manic but classic call response jazz singing and dancing frenzy.


Getting to know Ms Vicious Delicious a bit better, she may put on gallic airs and graces when it suits but she’s really a lovely down to earth chav lass at heart with a potty mouth and all the subtlety of a brick through a Bimmers front windscreen. Glorious. Engaging in a hilariously awkward audience led strip tease she climaxes with a fetish checklist footstomp tune.




This is followed by starlet Scarlett Belle returning to sing about the Art of Tease, a bingo tick box as you go lyrical litany of burlesque technique, all the while adorned like seductive villainess Poison Ivy.


Bringing us some decent blood on the tap dance floor as a duelling duet, they easily revert into powerful vocal ménage a trois action with the good Mr Saunders, where they sing of high ambition thwarted. Indeed, though they may be looking up and wishing upon the stars, they remind us well with the inverted sentiments of Oscar Wilde that we all sitting together in the gutters.




This wonderful demonstration of solo prowess and lethal artistic stiletto heel jousting continues with songs about beard bingeing hirsutophilia (yea verily, and/or pogonophilia) and faux- Piafian vengeance upon gormless lovers. This was topped with an infernally flirtatious and smouldering burlesque strip tease from Scarlett Belle that well appealed to the Devil’s advocate within us all.

There is little wonder why Blues & Burlesque has won one of the coveted weekly awards for the Adelaide Fringe 2014.  There are only very limited performances left – do yourself a favour.

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