Adelaide Fringe 2014 – Peaches and Gin Big Band Burlesque Review


I like to think there comes a time, hopefully, in many a burlesque dancer’s life when the hard yards achieve a critical speed and trajectory to put them into a whole other orbit.  Adelaide’s own Peaches’n’Gin, I think, are a permanent twinkling satellite in the night sky with their ever escalating production values evident in Big Band Burlesque.


Regular Ceremonial Mistress and powerful vocalist Lady Cara is such a natural in front of a genuine band of highly proficient performers, Capitol Swing, that it all underpins what should be a benchmark standard for Australia‘s burlesque intelligentsia, that in-piped music from a mixing desk is just not enough anymore for those hungering for something bigger.


This was most evident with Sapphire Snow’s opening act, looking stunning as always in a sexy diamante accentuated dress, with an intensity of interplay between the band and the audience that just seemed to magnify every twist of a wrist, unplucking of a button, the decent of a zipper.  The viscerally felt squeal of a live trumpet to underpin a dramatic flash of flesh takes on a heightened sensation to the observer. And she worked every accent and note flourish to bend the audience into adoration.


Miss Burlesque Victoria, Becky Lou emerges in a sleet-white coat ,and then proceeds to move like a soft snow drift on stage, the hidden winds of creativity pushing her into poses of desire and decadence. But when the pace changes, and the drums beat hard, she erupts into a Richter scale shimmy of earthquake proportions. Without revealing more, she has a distinctly comedic side with her follow up act involving certain vegetables and kitchen knife play which culminates in more grinding than seen in a mortar and pestle.


American visitor Russell Bruner from the wonderful land of the weird, “Portlandia”, punctuates the otherwise pleasing feminine overload with some polished vaudevillian Boylesque moves, fashionable dandy flair, accomplished top hat acrobatics, jazz jiving swing singing & beat poetry and genuine intimate audience interaction.  Can I say, RAdelaideans, that I was pleased to even see the guys in the audience get in the spirit of this performance – reflecting that maybe local audiences have come a long way in appreciating the beauty and aesthetics of good burlesque performance, regardless of who may be performing it.


Vesper White is a burlesque tour-de-force who summoned the hungry jungle spirits of Conga lines and Latin grooves under the protection of a ridiculously large hat, while teasing us with a laced derrier. Shedding her skin to a devil-may-care scarlett, she was wound as tight as a rubber band as her hips seductively swung like maracas but struck like a whip. Her second performance took a different tone with a traditional Cabaret strip adorned in tops & tails, but with Germanic Weimar sensibilities that cast away subtlety – instead exuding overt danger & seduction. Almost a dare to the audience to withstand her onslaught, as though she was saying “You know what you came here for, here it is…”


Strawberry Siren, Miss Burlesque Australia 2013, is a chameleon, a shape shifter on stage moving between animal forms as fancy takes her. She may dance with fans in a peacock strut but each step becomes more feline, culminating in hungry prowling the stage. She wields her fans like weapons, the wrist and upper arm strength making delicate props deadly and accurate. Every muscle and tendon being a dance on its own when she performs. Later ,when adorned in peridot Belle Epoque finery, her graceful moves transform her into a stunning La Fee Verte I would be happy to have dancing over my absinthe glass any night of the week.


Lastly, but never least, is the celestial Luna Eclipse, who rather than being ephemeral in her performances, always reflects a very down to earth approach to burlesque – filled with humour, audience encouragement and most important of all, unabashed in your face fun.  Adorned in frills, and dancing a twisted Charleston seemingly highlighted with some Latin flourishes, her energy is as infectious as the Spanish Flu and leaves you with a fever.

Big Band Burlesque has a limited number of additional shows – get your tickets while you can to see one of the most well produced burlesque shows this Fringe.

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