Adelaide Fringe Review 2014 – Fetish For Burlesque

One of the advantages in seeing certain performing troupes in Adelaide Fringe over successive years is you get to map the growth of individual performers who make their debut, develop and (hopefully) leap into new endeavours.  One such company we have followed over recent years is the Fetish For Burlesque crew who have consistently provided a platform for new-to-burlesque performers in Adelaide getting their feet grounded in the traditional styles, as well providing a testing ground for edgier experiments in neo-burlesque performance.


Friday night’s performance at The Producers Hotel provided a range of ‘old favourite’ performers and some new faces that already seem to be making a mark with their individual styles.




Briar Rose is a classic Rock’n’Roll starlet but with edgy Suicide Girl adornment who struts the stage on a knife’s edge of swagger & sweet fragility.  Her fan dance routine comprised the right measures of concealment and tease, always remembering to connect with her audience just enough to draw them through the feathers.  Her second number had her glide out in elegant evening attire to a slower 50’s R&B number and looking considerably more relaxed.   Playing the sultry siren to its limits she synchronised her slow tease, every bump and gyration in flow with the music.


Chanel DeVine kicked off her belly dance technique led entrance resplendent in an azure diaphanous veil, giving more an alluring introduction rather than the less subtle drum slap bravado that could have been the more obvious route. A transition to a bluesy caffeine fuelled Sunday breakfast striptease had her clearly enjoying herself and projecting invitingly to the audience.




Spy-in-the-house-of-love Luscious LaRue slipped through the audience concealed in a sassy trenchcoat homage to espionage to the sounds of Jack White’s 007 soundtracking. Ms LaRue is like burlesque’s Gwendoline Christie – something of an imposing force, but her delivery contains softness & restraint, especially through a slow evening glove removal. But when she turns the volume to 10 under psychedelic reverb guitars she delivers the full clip of her Beretta with no hesitation.




Always in demand, Dezzi Damned, reminds us why she was Miss Burlesque SA 2012. Adorned in a long black evening number with 30’s flair, moving to the tunes of the Cab Calloway favourite “Minne the Moocher” , she was high on poise, very deliberate and direct in her technique. Overall, ‘disciplined’ is the word I probably feel compelled to use, but never cold or removed. The right wink or raise of an eyebrow ensures she never constructs a barrier to her audience. Why is she still in RAdelaide and not traipsing the stages of Europe & the US? Promoters, pay attention.


Lastly was Desert Rose, probably my favourite of the evening, who made her debut to the troupe at last years Fringe.  I could see good things in incubation back then, but tonight she delivered a performance that shows just how hard she has been working in mastering her craft over the last 12 months. Statuesque and unrushed, tonight she really worked the audience in a cycle of tease and retreat. If they wanted to see more, then damn, they better show some appreciation (and they did). Like a precision airstrike, she knew when to lay down some explosive moves and when to pull back to safety.  The sooner we see her in a Miss Burlesque State or National competition the better.

We will be interviewing Fetish For Burlesque producer, Skye Williams, in coming days to gain some insight into her vision for the troupe.




There is a rotating cast of performers this year, alas some of whom I will not get to see, including Roxie Elle Danger’s farewell performance before she heads off for big opportunities overseas.  The next performances of Fetish For Burlesque are on the Fringe booking page, get along while tickets are available.

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