Adelaide Fringe Review 2013 – At The Movies With Peaches’n’Gin

Let me just say up front that Luna Eclipse & Sapphire Snow are, as far as I am concerned, the Reigning Royalty of Burlesque in South Australia, and while we will have many a deserving Princess crowned annually as part of Miss Burlesque, and rightly should they be held in high Regal regard, Luna & Sapphire hold a hereditary title between them that will only be passed on by retirement or accidental defenestration.

There are shows that may have more glitz, expensive sound and light shows, and military precision routines. But what they often lack is humour & comedic timing, creativity, intimate audience connection, and when it counts, an unabashed sensuality – my friends, the Peaches & Gin crew consistently offer this in spades and serve as a benchmark by which I judge much other Burlesque.

At The Movies, hosted by Lady Cara & Rowan Watts, is becoming something of a Fringe tradition, and glad I am that it is an evolving beast, and not a static act replayed annually.

An introductory Gentleman Prefer Blondes number, all ablaze in red sequins and to the tune of the country number “Little Rock” was show girl strut at its finest.

Lady Cara threw in a clever cover of Kate Miller Hiedke’s Facebook song “Are You Fucking Kidding Me?” just to show that cabaret can evolve past dreary renditions of Mein Herr. (Hooray).

Call out routines include a highly erotically charged, and funny, Predator Burlesque performance that will stir confusing feelings of xenophilia amongst the geek set. The ante was upped even further when “Harry Potter and the Love That Must Not Be Named” takes to the stage, all phallically Freudian with wands at the ready.

Like the sacrilegious Mary Poppins routine, the girls offered up spoonfuls of sugar, and not only did the medicine go down, like a hormone filled teenager abusing dextromethorphan cough syrup I’d happily go back for another bottle.

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