Adelaide Fringe Review 2013 – Dave Bloustien & Cath Jamison

We at like all things Parisian (except the Parisians themselves who rudely announce “There will be no supper! Go away come back later” upon entering one of the few places serving absinthe in the whole damn city….which is why my sojourn there hasn’t featured here. I’m still bitter, bitter as the harshest wormwood, can you tell?!).


As the Gods of Wikipedia tell us….

Grand Guignol – was a theatre in the Pigalle area of Paris. From its opening in 1897 until its closing in 1962 it specialized in naturalistic horror shows”

And thus sets the raison d’être for this charming and funny show, “Grand Guignol”, by Dave Bloustein – the man who you probably don’t know better as part of the past writing team of Good News Week and The Glass House. See, he comes from good breeding (I looked at his teeth before the show and I can assure you dear reader he is in excellent form).

What unfolds is not so much a regular stand up comedy show but a narrative. His skills in improvisation, segues and wide array of head attire brings together a collection of very different stories with a decidedly understated Edgar Allen Poe approach to gothic horror.

While the contrast between the content can be as stark as chalk and particularly fine fragrant blue cheese – ranging from a Mummy’s Curse to the Factional Follies of the ALP Faceless Men, Dave has a certain machine gun delivery of extensive comedic monologue that makes you unsure how much is scripted prior, and how much might be inspiration.

I liked what he is doing– and this show needs a full audience to carry the atmosphere. So get out there and see him.

If Dave Bloustein had a certain nervous energy about him that suggests a closet sociopath, then Cath Jamison, clearly In 2 Minds, is a Hannibal Lector trying to decide how best to serve your brains on a plate.

As a comedic-mentalist she plied many a clever routine that makes public liability insurers nervous. But broken glass, razor blades and viscious looking sporks are but the tip of the icepick through your skull. Aside from her obvious proclivity to being gaffer taped, in this sight deprived state she performed many a mind trick with the audience, albeit par for the course tricks but very necessary sign posts of mentalism skill, the kind that momentarily suspends one scepticism and takes you along for the ride.

The finale certainly sealed it for me – a trick providing a script for an evening that could not have been known in advance. The kind of frustratingly clever trick that makes you want to strap her to a woodpile with a flaming torch demanding a confession on how she does it and whether Satan would accept a time share arrangement, like Club Med, on an available soul.

Check her out while you can.

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