A Cheeky Absinthe or Three @ Absinthesalon – Libertine Amer

So the next absinthe I need to tell you about, Libertine Amer 68, is certainly a talking point.

A product of the Paul Devoille Distillery and from their website they state:

Libertine is based on the traditional recipe of our distillery dating from the turn of the last century. Its color is 100% natural and the plants used include absinthe (wormwood) itself, green aniseed, star aniseed, etc.

Each of the ingredients is individually steeped and then individually distilled. The resulting mix of distillation leads to a second steeping with plants to produce its distinctive green color.

While this is a product with some tradition and history, there has been debate over the decade amongst connoisseurs as to whether it is a “true absinthe” because it is based on the blending of individual distilled macerates.  (As an aside, this is how the eyebrow raising Moulin Rooz from Australia is made, and probably highlights the risk of this method in that the wormwood bitterness can be too overpowering).

That debate aside, it is something of an absinthe that has polarised folk, probably of more genteel tongues.

Taking a deep breath – wow, something wild on heat. Musk. Sweat. A boudoir after an summer’s afternoon orgy.   This will produce a strong reaction in some folk.  It will intrigue others.

Amber Yellow in the glass. Autumn leaves.

Slowly we dilute with sugar. Pour some sugar on me indeed – it remains defiantly hot, sticky & sweet. Nothing tempers the hormonal surge emanating from within. It louches to a shade of a sepia photograph capturing another time and place.

As I consume I am repeatedly assaulted with herb bombs, sweet & savoury, a tasty bitterness thrusting between the anethole like a black keyed pentatonic scale.  And then came a climatic chalky minerality, perhaps amongst the strongest I have experienced in an absinthe.

This absinthe does not pretend to be subtle. She isn’t there to seduce you, to beguile you with faint promises of mystical Elysian pleasures.  She is brutally physical. She is going to use her teeth and her claws to make it happen.

I hope you are up to it.

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