Pernod Plans Revealed In New Absinthe Market Report

The fine folk at Just Drinks and the International Wine & Spirit Research magazine have released probably the first comprehensive global market analysis of absinthe, but being closer to $900AUS , we certainly don’t feel flush enough this side of Xmas to run out and purchase it.

However their article spruiking the report does contain some interesting nuggets of information.

It is reported that Pernod Ricard is “seeking to breathe new life into absinthe by targeting its own namesake brand of the controversial spirit at the arts and fashion world”. Far be it from us to suggest that maybe this is a band wagon Pernod Ricard should have jumped on properly on at the onset, and may well be regarded as a bit Johnny–Come-Lately by those  absinthe cognoscenti. While their modern Pernod absinthe is a good entry level product it does not necessarily set the world on fire, and what with their under investment in promoting the product since its re-entry to the market, it is no surprise they only sell about 15,000 cases annually.

But Pernod Ricard has the bucks and the marketing gravitas to make this all about the image and less about what is actually in the bottle, heaven knows it worked for Green Fairy, and thereby has a major advantage over more premium artisan products and mascerated-window cleaner ‘absinth’ products.

Maybe a reformulation is in the winds ? – we can only hope, when international director for Pernod absinthe, Jean-François Collobert is quoted “Since the restrictions were lifted in France in 2011 we decided to accelerate the redevelopment of our absinthe brand both in terms of the product itself, but also in terms of geographic expansion”. Furthermore, Collobert states in the article that he sees Pernod absinthe remaining a super-premium product, perhaps as a step up from the Pernod and Ricard anis drinks, with capacity for doubling the volume and making absinthe a major.

Many already in the know would say they have a high bar to jump to be ‘super-premium’ compared to artisan absinthe products on the market, but good luck to them.

It’s a shame Just Drinks keep perpetuating the disproven palava about 19th C Absinthe having much higher levels of thujone.

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