Fringe Review 26 Feb – Vari-A-Tease

One of the great things about getting off the Garden of Unearthly Delights trail for the Fringe is discovering some of Adelaide’s less well known performance venues, such as the Holden Street Theatre housed within a delightful sandstone heritage church building.

On this occasion I am here to be delighted by the Vari-A-Tease troupe who have successfully assembled a broad cast of performers highlighting tremendous individuality and artistic flair.

Mr Gorsky was the first act, with some classic performance mime and balance work invoking physical comedy archetypes reminiscent of Chaplin or Keaton – whether fighting against an ill wind that blow’eth his way or demonstrating his dexterities with a derby on his dome, his routines were extremely well staged.

Kitty van Horne is the sort of school teacher you remember fondly about, elegant, stylish but always the sense there was something hidden and noir about her.  Thus emerges her alter ego, The Queen of the Nile, who belts out show tunes to gyrations and gutsy gesticulations guaranteed to bring your father to the next parent teacher night.

Maxi Man blurs the gender divide with a very Victor Victoria woman being a man being a woman routine. Dark, dirty and evocative with rampant use of processed smallgoods. Beware of her bung fritz dear Fringe-dwellers.

The Divine Danica Lee oozes sensuality and sass with her classic fan dance burlesque and highly imaginative rendition of events in the Garden of Eden – if she had been teaching bible class I’m sure I would have paid more attention, although with commensurately more reason for frequent confession.

Speaking of the infernally good, Cherry Valens showed us the Devil inside her with catchy well choreographed bump and grind, her routines extending to south of the border down me-hi-co way in some classic Tex Mex tease.

Poppy T – bright and stygian in equal measures – inviting us to an evil night together in a modern burlesque number or something more turn of the century with fine Belle Epoque sensibilities and titillation.

Whether flinging herself on a horizontal pole as everyone’s favourite living dead doll, adorned in shibari rope and PVC, or revealing the naughty world of bored housewives discovering how much joy a wooden spoon, decent cake mixture and a Britney Spears soundtrack can bring, Zahra Stardust is a truly versatile performer.

Liam Power added some conjuration and illusion to the proceedings with simple but clever card tricks (with oversized audience friendly cards so we could genuinely ooh and aah over his hand quicker than eye machinations), and supplementing his iron intake with a fist full of steel pins down the gullet.

And then there was the crowd favourite, Missy, acrobatic aerialist pole dancer extraordinaire who brought us a Puck in the Green fantasy routine, like some untamed wild Maenad but showing great discipline and skill in her balance and movement.  Her mechanoid Android routine left no one sleeping, let alone dreaming of electric sheep.

With remaining shows tonight (Friday 26 February) and tomorrow night (Saturday 27 February), both at 10.30pm, there is time to get out now and see the show – let them give you a damn good Variateasing while you can!

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