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On becoming a Douby Brother – Doubs review 11 Jan 2010

Cheap puns and expensive liquor, yes siree, that’s what we are about here at

Doubs Premium Absinthe has been on Australian liquor store shelves for a while now and probably overdue for a review.  Presented in a nice giftbox, this 500mL rectangular based bottle is adorned with a screw-cap printed with fleur-de-lys motifs, and so named after the region of Doubs at the base of the Jura Mountains in France, known historically for absinthe production (albeit the product is actually from South Africa). The product is 55% alc/vol, a little lower than some, and claims 7.4mg/L thujone – which is also a little at odds with the “maximum thujone” claim on the front label, which would be 10 mg/L.  But as we all know, the thujone content is not and should not be the determining factor of a quality absinthe, don’t we? (Repeat after me those thinking otherwise…)

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ReNew Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year Antipodean Absintheurs & Libertines

This year, instead of sticking to crusty old New Year’s Resolutions, why not get involved in making a Renew Year’s Resolution?

Urban renewal for artistic endeavour is a growing movement internationally, but probably the best example in Australia has been the Renew Newcastle project. These canny Novocastrians find short and medium term uses for buildings in Newcastle’s CBD that are currently vacant, disused or awaiting redevelopment and matches them with artists, cultural projects and community groups to use.

It is a problem common to all cities – urban sites are boarded up, heavily vandalised or decaying because the is no short term for use them and no one taking responsibility for them.  The Renew Newcastle project has actually been instrumental in turning a primarily industrial and mining town into a thriving arts community, and shaming many a capital city in terms of public accessibility to the arts.

And now it is Adelaide’s turn.  Renew Adelaide is a non-profit, artist run initiative following the lead of Renew Newcastle, that also believe artist and community run spaces have the power to transform cities. Like it’s forerunner, they aim to fill empty spaces and disused buildings in and around the city of Adelaide with artist and community run ventures, with the minimum possible cost to those involved.

Both the Newcastle and Adelaide venture have Facebook groups you can join, so keep up with the developments.

More projects like this should be started nationally, and to help prevent other potential hubs of artistic creativity becoming another Sydney (albeit there is some hope).  Melbourne is on top of it in another way with their CreativeSpaces project.  So what’s going on in your town? – email us and let us know.

Stop Press

By happy coincidence, ABC Radio National program Life Matters featured an interview on the 6 January 10 with Renew Newcastle founder Marcus Westbury on his urban artistic renewal project – mp3 audio available here.

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