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Why am I haunted by bad eighties tunes when I write these things? Ahem.

Fellow absintheur, you can no doubt be aware that many a fine cocktail establishment are making a mark for themselves, not only on the Australian stage, but yea verily, on the global stage.  And signature absinthe cocktails are contributing to this success.

You will hear more about such establishments in coming weeks, but I want to first highlight a major event just passed in Ol’ New Orleans – Tales of the Cocktail , an internationally acclaimed gathering of the literati and glitterati of the mixological world, including  the Second Annual Wormwood Society Grande Soiree d’Absinthe.  Honestly, if you want to get to know your absinthe (aside from us of course), join the merry folk on the Wormwood Society Forum. They are US based but many an antipodean does frequent its hallowed halls.

Matthew Bax – De Raum Owner and Artist

Now, why this particular event is so special is that over the last couple of years, Australian establishments have made something of an impact – last year with 1806, and this year with De Raum, two establishments who have made absinthe part of their cocktail raison d’etre.

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Last year, Melbourne establishment 1806 won the Best Cocktail List category (1806 being the year that cocktail entered the English lexicon). In true New Orleans style they mix a mean Sazerac – an absinthe laced bourbon and cognac drink that was created in New Orleans by Antoine Peychaud, who operated a pharmacy on Royal Street in the 1830s.  But they go tropicana mad as well with a Hibiscus Hula, two types of Appleton Rum, orange, pineapple, hibiscus and absinthe.

But this year, we give a big congratulations to (another Melbourne!) establishment, De Raum, (German for The Room or Chamber for our linguistically challenged) who has been ranked the 10th best cocktail establishment globally at the competition intended to compile a global list of must see venues, which the panelists considered to display the evolving nature of global cocktail trends and to inspire a passion for refined drinking. It was the only Australian establishment in this lofty eschalon.  A perusal of their menu also offers up a Tarragon Sazerac but most importantly  the classic Death In the Afternoon -spiced absinthe, champagne, rosemary and an olive oil stain. This particular presentation is certainly a cut above the norm.  Well deserved recognition methinks.

Another point to make with De Raum, it is owned by artist Mathew Bax whose works adorn the walls and menu.  Here is that cross-fertilisation of fine spirits and artistic endeavour we love here at

Dear absintheur – hunt, explore.  If you encounter a bar with an interesting absinthe cocktail that does not defile the Green Fairy in some taudry way, let us know.

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