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While I’m usually loathe to compare bands to other bands or artists that have similar sounds – as a point of complement I am happy on this occasion to say the first time I heard Jai Pyne’s voice, lead singer for Sydney band, The Paper Scissors, I pictured a strange experiment that somehow involved cross breeding David Bowie and Frank Black. Granted one would not engage in such profane genetic manipulation for visual aesthetics but perhaps for more profound musicality one would dare to play God a little.

The Paper Scissors have just released their new E.P., ‘Howl’ on the eve of a national tour, which can be downloaded from all good electronic stores like iTunes.

The E.P. title track ‘Howl’ has a certain rocky balladeering sentiment, haunted octaval lyrical treatment, with a somewhat kooky, but highly appropriate discordant backing vocal that fits nicely amongst this rock number.  This is followed by the new-wavish bass driven ‘Soldier’ that regularly jumps sideways into a pleasing pseudo-swing style chorus.  The E.P is complemented with 3 remixes of Howl – the Cleptoleptics brings the vocal structures and interplays more prominently into the fore amongst a more reserved IDMesque blip track. The E.L.F Remix is almost flocking with seagulls and may be the least adventurous treatment.  The SPOD Remix is practically a different song altogether, a conveyer belt of electronic grooving and widget twitching with electro-interference treatments that playfully pummel around the vocal refrains. Certainly the most interesting of the remixes.

I think that while the songs had great capacity to be played ‘safe’ – the risks that are taken make them musically much more engaging than many recent Australian bands coming out of the stables.  While getting good exposure of late on JJJ, with the lads on tour it is an excellent time to see them live, and grab yourself a copy of the E.P.

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