Absinthe News Roundup

Good ‘morrow gentle Libertines.  Here is a selection of absinthe and neo-bohemia related items in the world news over the past week or two for your reading pleasure.

Angie Rayfield of the Examiner thinks a fitting tribute to the late Mr Jackson is the “ABC Cocktail” – consisting of 1/3 absinthe, 1/3 Bacardi and 1/3 Chartreuse. I’m not sure if this is just lazy journalism or lazy mixology. Anyone brave enough to try this please, let us know how bad it really is.

Also from the Examiner, an article on Austin-based absinthe bar, Peche

An artisan Bohemian style bar in the UK, Opium, utilising the works of local craftsmen and artists will be functional gallery enabling the imbiber to also be an imbuyber.

A nice article on the LA based Malediction Society running steam-punk affair events

and finally a blog piece on Ted Breaux’s Great Absinthe Crusade

And Melbourne readers, don’t forget the Absinthe Party Ticket Competition being sponsored by the Marionette Talent Agency.  Entries close 3 July 2009 – send in a photo of you looking decadently brilliant to newlibertines @ absinthe.com.au and you can win a free ticket.

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