Virgin on the Rediculous

Now you can hallucinate under the Green Fairy’s spell on your next Trans-American flight.

At least this is what the media coverage would like to suggest, with the news that Sir “Getting It Up” Dicko Branson will be serving absinthe on Virgin America flights in First Class and Cabin Select.

Just which absinthe has the pleasure of becoming a born-again Virgin?

Le Tourment Vert.

While the trademarks have been registered in Australia, we are yet to see this product on Australian shores, and to be frank we aren’t salivating in anticipation at  While this brand has been making big media in the US, with some big promotional dollars – amongst the absinthe intelligensia we learn that the biggest fundamental faults with the product is that it doesn’t louche and is artificially coloured to buggery. The flavour profile leaves a lot to be desired as well.

Probably no wonder that Virgin are using it for cocktails rather than any traditional preparation.

Oh, but it gets better. The inaugural absinthe cocktail – The Mile High – is a creative mixological opus that combines Tourment Vert with Sprite lemonade. With a wedge of lemon.

With Virgin about to launch their international service in Australia, I sincerely hope that Australian flyers are not short changed into losing their ‘absinthe viriginity’ to a second rate product that many are even questioning as to whether it deserves the moniker.

You’re on notice Dicko.  Don’t make it an experience we’ll all regret next morning.

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