Fringe Review – Die Roten Punkte

Die Roten Punkte – Adelaide Fringe, Bosco Theatre, 17 March 2009

Have you ever wanted to think the worst of the White Stripes in a dirty Perez Hilton sort of way?

Now you can get your chance by indulging in the eurotrash high-jinks of Die Roten Punkte (which actually translates as the Red Dots – geddit?!? – and not a homage to John Lydon as you might badly translate if you only know your German from repeats of Hogan’s Heroes or reading subtitles of Inspector Rex).

This show is ultimately about therapy.  Certainly for our brother and sister act, Otto and Astrid, who through the therapeutic powers of drum and power chord written songs come to grips with family tragedy, alcoholism and suppressed incestory tendencies.  But maybe therapy for myself also, causing one to reflect upon ones younger formative musical years?

Our protagonists explore the fringes of straight edge and old school punk, Nick Cave-ish poetic indulgence, EBM/Eurosynthpop and yea verily, Bavarian beer hall songs.  I have to admit a guilty familiarity to the various musical phases one passes in one’s ‘yoof’, and scarily so I seemed to identify with the show with more irony then should probably be permitted.

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With their opening number Rock and Roll Monster, Otto sporting a CBGB t-shirt, I too thought back to my early days in a band discovering Ramones-style punk.  The correspondences got scarier with Astrid’s orgasmic punk-rock OMG Yeah, as I seem to remember our female lead singer using simulated climax in one of our songs too.

Welcome to my cliché.

Even my personal indulgence in art-noir music was invoked through their patricidal opus The 4.15 to Spandau Will Not Run Today.  I didn’t last in that band because starving artistically in Berlin wasn’t something I was seriously considering as a career path. Shame, maybe I could have turned it into a Fringe show?

But Otto and Astrid remind us why those who flirt and survive the goth/industrial scene enjoy shameless Teutonic tendencies – big dumb songs badly translated from German. Ich Bin Nicht Ein Roboter (I Am A Lion) – a synthpop symphony, surely the bastard child of Kraftwerk and Gary Numan (with maybe A-hah to make the threesome).

Come on.  Who didn’t get a giggle the first time they heard the big dumb German lyrics of Rammstein? I mean, Du Reichst So Gut (You Smell So Good)?  And how can this be considered any more seriously alongside a parody song about a robot with a leonine identity crisis?  They have captured a much loved phenomenon to a tee.

Die Roten Punkte is my highlight among the Adelaide Fringe so far.  Playing until the 21st March 09, 11pm each night in the Bosco Theatre located in the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

If you are among the chromatically challenged, feeling Emo or Scene Kid-ding around, I urge you to go see this before you suffer any long lasting permanent effects.

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