It was Colonel Mustard, in the Library, with the Candlestick….

She’s back.

The chanteuse on the loose, noir pop-cabaret songstress Amanda Palmer, one half of the Dresden Doll duopoly, once again graces our fair shores to promote her new album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

With songs full of wit and woe, you get be the forensics expert and pour over her exposed brutalised entrails of emotional…I believe the term she used on JJJ today was…’wangst’. Maybe it was only ‘angst’ she said, but hey, wangst implies some degree of self-loving through self-flagellation.

And who doesn’t enjoy a tad of slap, tickle and self torment?

Already winging her away around the country – if you want to her see her on stage exposing her soul and maybe several other parts, pay close attention to the following dates:

26 & 27th February – The Studio, Sydney Opera House, Sydney

1 March – The Tivoli, Brisvegas

3 March – The Corner, Melbourne

4 March – The Gov, Adelaide

6&7 March – Fly By Night Musicians Club, Perth

10 March – The Studio, Auckland (that’s across the ditch guys…)

12 March – The Bodega Bar, Wellington

14 March – The (geographically confusing) Brisbane Hotel, Hobart (back in Australia but still over a ditch)

Want tickets? Then go you should go here.

If one were quicker off the mark, one might have tried to find out more about the slumber party she hosted in Melbourne….flannelete PJs or satin I wonder? Sigh, time for some wangsting…..

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