Join A Cult This Friday the 13th

With Friday the 13th fast approaching, those canny corsetiers of bohemian haute couture at Gallery Serpentine in Sydney will be holding a special Night Sale from 5pm to 9pm, with 13% of all stock, as well as a range of ‘Black Cat Specials’ providing 15 to 50% of seconds and samples.

Gallery Serpentine is located at Shop 2/112-116 Enmore Road, Enmore, NSW.

Crazier than a padded room full of inmates in Bedlam, I say.

Gallery Serpentine will also be the venue that night for the launch of The Cult of Scent – a specialist fragrance line by perfumer Jocelyn Fullerton.

Cult of Scent is a range of artisan perfumes walking between the worlds of antique and modern perfume. The creation of fragrance and preparation of the extracts is a mysterious alchemy, reflected in the dance of the essences as they weave into your skin and psyche.

Dear Absintheur – it is one thing to look splendid in your finest Gallery Serpentine custom frock coat or laced corsetry while drinking a glass of absinthe, but it is yet another thing to also carry about you the air and aroma of expensive decadence.

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An homage to the fragrance of jasmine on a spring evening, the first breath of warmth to come.  A brief introduction of warm citrus heralds a trilogy of jasmine flowers, Tahitian gardenia and ylang ylang. The warmth of amber, vanilla and soft woods, leaves a lingering refrain…. Primavera is a limited edition fragrance- only 10 bottles made, with a special ingredient for this run only.

The Hedonist
The Hedonist is a contradiction, did he just scream in on his motorbike, redolent of grease, sweat and leather? Or has he been in reclining in his study, on an antique chesterfield, fresh pipe in one hand good cognac in the other?  A classical Russian leather composition, smoky birch tar and castoreum add depth and seduction to the spicy freshness of olibanum. Sandalwood and mosses leave a lingering impression of strength and an ever so slight sense of sweat and skin.

Sweet Libertine
From an initial impression of citrus and cool strong woods, Sweet Libertine is a journey into a cool green forest on a hot summers day. Sweet libertine opens with a cool citrus and cedar accord, warming to Bulgarian roses, jasmine and neroli. A dry finale of patchouli, sandal and Tahitian vanilla leave a refined, gentle caress on the skin.

Into the Woods
Surprisingly delicate on a woman, yet reassuringly warm on a man, Into The Woods is a study on simplicity. An Eau de Cologne introduction of Neroli opens to clear fresh woods leaving a lingering sense of depth. This is freshly washed, clean yet warm. Wear with linen and a panama hat or a superbly cut suit. Simple, clean, concise. Neroli and frankincense refresh the senses, followed by a classic woody accord of sandalwood and cedar.

Cult of Scent is an invitation into the apothecary’s lab and the salon of the libertine. Niche perfumes, brilliant fragrances or just those that touch us deeply create a following that is cult-like in its reverence. Customized blends are available on request and can be designed for an individual or as a signature range for your business.  Price depends on complexity of the fragrance, volume required, packaging and ingredients.

If one of the above fragrances intrigues you, or if your finer sense of exclusivity prefers something tailored, Jocelyn Fullerton can be contacted on 0410 264 202 or by email at jocelyn.fullerton @

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