Absinthe Duplais Blanche 72° Review

Absinthe Duplais Blanche 72°

Matter-Luginbühl Distillery

Reviewed 8 Dec 2008

sans sucre

Quite simply, Absinthe Duplais Blanche is beautiful. It is smooth, alpine, refreshing and altogether bloody good.

What, that’s not long enough? OK, it is also delicate and refined, and certainly not the sort of thing you’d splash about on newbies or reach for halfway through a well-lubricated party. This one of those absinthes you keep at the front of the cabinet, but only get out when you’re feeling reeeeally generous. Or want to show off. Or are flush this month. Or have a craving.

Actually, I’m having one now.

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Duplais Blanche, like it’s sister product Duplais Verte, is made by Swiss distillery Matter-Luginbühl (makers of gold-award winning Mansinthe, amongst others), and arrives in a tall, gracile dark bottle. Continuing the MG tradition of fine art as label art, this one features art by Steven Stapleton which is reminiscent of Sisters of Mercy and Madonna all at the same time. But, maybe that’s just me.

As you would expect from a Swiss blanche, this creature’s completely colourless undiluted. The nose is beautiful –  a spicy-yet-cool combination of herbal notes which stands apart from other la Bleues and blanches, yet is reminiscent of them thanks to artful distillation and good bottling procedures. The undiluted boquet is light and very invigorating, making this one a great mid-summer abisnthe.

Upon dilution the louche blooms to a brilliant, opaque arctic white, which is very satisfying to watch. It has the tell-tale hint of moonstone blue at the periphery of the louche, which is very apparent in natural evening light. The dilute nose is an amplified version of the raw nose, with a luscious, moist fennel note backed by something fruity. This may be an expression of the alcoholic base but I suspect it is intentional. The wormwood is surprisingly prominent for a blanche, but quite frankly this is my favourite aspect fo Duplais Blanche. I like meaty, umami-laden wormwoody absinthes, so finding a blanche which has the kick I like in my verte absinthe, I was understandably chuffed. I didn’t do a little dance, but I wanted to.

The mouth-feel of the Duplais Blanche is full-bodied and milky, but crisp in the finish and leaves the mouth cleanly. The anise is a nice support for the fruity and herbal notes of this one, which makes the overall experience good for someone who is not terribly fond of anise-centric absinthes. It may also be a good one to wave in front of newbie friends who don’t drink absinthe because they “don’t like liquorice”.

Personally, I’d just keep it for myself. Or order two bottles.

Or three.

This bottle of Absinthe Duplais Blanche was supplied by Absinthesalon for the purpose of review.

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