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Cottage Made Tongue Frottage – Eichelberger Verte 68 Review

Since the fine folk at Absinthesalon provided me this bottle during a recent imbibing over excellent tapas, I’ve been waiting for good spring weather to review this absinthe with some professional distance and concerted contemplation. I tasted something very special over my garlic prawns that night –  but I needed a clean palate and fresh air to re-evaluate my first impressions.

And as it is a cottage-industry made absinthe, what is more appropriate than to review it in the garden of a cottage?

Those of you more familiar with the modern commercial absinthe offerings may not have heard the term used in some absinthe circles – Hausgemacht. Homemade. Prior to the global re-legalisation there was a lot of clandestine Hausgemacht absinthe being made and shipped secretly amongst the global absinthe community. Some laid the foundations for new global enterprise. Some served as a substitute for draino.

Eichelberger (Acorn Mountain) Spezialitaten Vert 68 is a special artisan absinthe made in Germany with its origins amongst the then clandestine teuton community, who challenged themselves to arrive at a quality crafted brew worthy of larger commercial production. The distiller Michael Weinzierl, under the pseudonym of Deep Forest, paved the way for his peer-supported absinthe to undergo production at a family run distillery in Bavaria owned by Dr Lili and Rudolph Wild. Production is usually limited to a quite small but special 30 litres per batch.

While it may seem small scale on production size and presentation – it is big on impressions.

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