Why We Love Australian Bartender

Australian Bartender

Those with eagle eyes, or subscriptions to Australian Bartender magazine, will have noticed that the August issue was filled with absinthe-related delights, including a glowing review of our own wee site. Isn’t that nice? They say:

“A blog dedicated to promoting “Australian absinthe culture, history, product reviews, art, literature, music and lifestyle”, absinthe.com.au is the brainchild of self-confessed libertines and absintheurs Jonathan Carfax and Robert Maxwell. Australia-based, both were deeply involved in the early absinthe revival in this country and continue to promote a sustainable culture of absinthe consumption. They face an ongoing battle to dispel the myths surrounding one of history’s most controversial spirit categories while promoting a new, emergent absinthe culture in the 21st Century. Their site is a major vehicle with which they fight their cause and is an invaluable resource for those wishing to understand this much-maligned spirit.”

Australian Bartender magazine is a must-read for any serious bartender wanting to stay up to date with all things drinks related. Since its inception in 1999, Australian Bartender has established itself as the leading trade publication for bartenders and has an unrivalled reputation within the trade as the bartenders’ bible.

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