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Hush Lil’ Baby, Don’t You Cry…..

Review of “New Music To Fall Asleep To…(Lullabies by Justin Ashworth)”

When new members join the merry band of subscribers, occasionally one observes that the email with which they have subscribed deserves further investigation. It is with no small amount of pleasure that I have discovered that we have a broad church of libertarians under our humble canopy, from visual artists, poets, magicians, distillers, dancers, authors, actors, courtesans, journalists, the odd dominatrix or two, and importantly, musicians.

One such Australian musician, and dedicated absintheur, that I would like to bring to your attention is Melbourne based Justin Ashworth.  I have for many years been a devotee of the dark ambient and experimental soundscape genre, and certainly Australia has had no shortage of exponents of this particular craft over the decades.  The opportunity then to explore new work by a local artist over a glass of absinthe or two is a welcome one indeed.

Being armed with droning loops, acoustic neo-folk attitudes and unpredictable acts of psychadelia, he is actually a hard artist to buttonhole through comparison. A good thing I say. You can hear a track or two from the following reviewed album on Justin’s MySpace page – maybe pour yourself a glass before you click through.

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Pas de Feu

fire head

Just a friendly reminder why it is neither good practice, nor good sense, to set fire to your absinthe. You may end up slightly crispier than when you first decided to impress your friends.

An oldie but a goodie, via Static. For more alcohol-related self-immolation hilarity, go here

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You Gotta Love This…

Absinthe by Michael “Pooch” Pucciarelli (acrylic on masonite, 2005).

See more of Pooch’s incredible Lowbrow-meets-20th-Century Surrealist gorgeousness at Pooch Island

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A Japanese Celebration of Death

Skull by Spencer Higgins, 2007

For those of our readers who find themselves in Yokohama in the near future… this may rock your coffin.

“The phenomenon described as goth / gothic exists in various cultural fields including music, fashion, movies and literatures. It originally referred to a style of art in Europe in the Middle Ages, however, today it functions as a term indicative of a certain lifestyle. Body modifications, such as tattooing or piercing, and a focus upon death and illness are not merely a matter of taste, but instead are an expression of the self trying to stand up against a conservative world…”

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Duplais Verte Review

One begins to develop specific criteria around when you want to have an absinthe, and how you would like an absinthe to be prepared. I for one seem to prefer to partake in absinthe when the weather is warmer, as the chilled water is more refreshing, and yet the ambient temperature allows for the heady aromas to burst forth from the bottle and the glass to add to the olfactory enjoyment.

It is therefore with some trepidation that I review this absinthe, Duplais Verte, as it is below 15 Celsius, wet and miserable outside. I will however press on with this review, but perhaps reserve the right to revisit my thoughts when spring has sprung and conditions are more to my liking.

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Retrofuturists Rejoice…

Lost Metropolis Footage Recovered

(Story at

Film historians had doubted they would ever find the missing portions of Metropolis — until three reels of the science fiction film made in Germany a long time ago, were discovered in a country far, far away.
Two film fans in Argentina uncovered the fragile footage in a small museum earlier this year – over eight decades after Fritz Lang’s dystopian classic first began to shed scenes.

With its cold, monumental vision of mechanised society, Metropolis forged a template for generations of science fiction cinema, and its enduring influence has been cited on films from Blade Runner to Fahrenheit 451 and Star Wars.

“We were overjoyed when we heard about the find,” said Helmut Possmann, head of the foundation which owns the rights to the film, the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung.

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Who You Gonna Call?

pic: Daniel Hatadi

(photo: Daniel Hatadi)

Are you a bar/hotel/restaraunt venue looking for quality information and recommendations on absinthe and absinthe culture?

The Libertines behind are now available for confidential and reliable absinthe consultancy, advice and private/corporate absinthe tasting events. We at pride ourselves on providing Australia and New Zealand with only the best and most truthful reviews and information of the global absinthe scene, and as such form a valuable and unique source of advice for the bar, hotel or nightclub proprietor. We also provide up-to-date information on the legality of absinthe in Australia and the various, and oft-times confusing legislation surrounding our poison of choice. Currently, advises several key Australian venues on their absinthe stock and successful marketing of absinthe culture, and are in high demand for absinthe tastings, lectures and other events.

If you are looking for the true, inimitable absinthe experience, we can take you there. Contact us at NewLibertines [Email address: NewLibertines #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ] and join the la Révolution Verte

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