Not So Plain Jaine

The Dark Cabaret musical genre continues to grow from strength to strength, and shows itself not to be a passing fad riding on the heels of burlesque, but the genuine discovery of a style and approach to song-writing that balances the historical and contemporary.

One such artist worth investigating as the soundtrack to your next absinthe imbibing is the brooding but sultry Nicki Jaine, who’s commanding voice is seemingly far greater than her diminutive stature.

Mesmerising cover versions of German cabaret songs from the 1940s emerge from within, along with her haunting original material. You would probably be forgiven for picturing in your mind something of a Marlene Deitrich-type with an acoustic guitar. And, in case you needed convincing of her credentials, in this genre through a good back story her musical education arose from individuals such as her grandfather, who reputedly learnt the fiddle from Transylvanian Gypsies.

Any more noir and it would hurt, no?

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Go to her website where you will find a fine selection of free mp3s of both her live and album material. The biting commentary on the hollowness of beauty on ‘Pretty Faces‘, the scratchy phonographed ‘Sound of Girls‘, to Marlene’s own ‘Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuß Auf Liebe Eingestellt‘ (Falling in Love Again).



Stare at something nonchalantly with a touch of melancholy, regret or your choice of faded emotion.

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