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NeoTokyo Rides Again


Time for your monthly cross-promotion. Yes people, NeoTokyo, that decadent, Libertine, dirty electro night at Club 77 is upon us again, Friday 2 May.

I, once again, will be your host and, along with my dear associate Mr. Kasdeja, will be on hand to make sure everyone is having a lovely time of it. This months DJ talent includes the handsome Mr Disorder and Donnie Blood of Starfuckers, Ash Le Rouge of Midnight Express and Electro Pussy and, of course, our own NeoTokyo. The April party was a smash hit, and next months’ is set to be even bigger.

…and yes, there will be absinthe.

NeoTokyo at Club 77, 77 William St Kings Cross, Sydney.
10pm til 6am. $10 door entry.
Limited edition A2 poster prints will be for sale on the night.

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Verte de Fougerolles 72° – Review

Verte de Fougerolles

Verte de Fougerolles 72°
Devoille Distillery, Fougerolles, France
Reviewed 13 April 2008
Sans sucre

Paul Devoille is widely regarded as one of the world’s top contemporary absinthe producers, along with Markus Lion, Ted Breaux et. al; and with good reason. Paul’s absinthes are intricate arrangements of familiar flavour notes, presented in interesting combinations, with the occasional surprising ingredient slipped in with great effect. However, the Fougerolles varieties (see our Blanche review here) are by no means absinthes for the casual drinker or the neophyte absintheur – the Verte in particular can present certain flavour combinations which may not be immediately embraced by all drinkers, but more on that later. It is our opinion here at that both the Verte de Fougerolles and Blanche de Fougerolles belong in the upper echelon of Superieure, distilled absinthes, and makes for a very, very interesting absinthe experience.

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