World Congress on Art Deco in Australia

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As the modernist successor to the Art Nouveau period, in which the light of absinthe shone brightly, a new generation of functional artists and designers continued the idea of a movement that infused itself into every part of life during the inter-war year in the early 20th century – furniture, buildings, clothes, jewellery, cars were also art, a canvas to be painted upon.

Arising into the public consciousness from the Parisian Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes in 1925, it was born during an era of economic depression. It reflected a luxurious Utopian vision, but where an eye to the past was present, taking stylistic notes from the geometrical designs and motifs of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia amongst other ancient cultures – but infused into the new mediums of polished steel and plastic.


Asclepian art deco motifs above a pharmacy in Prague

While many may associate Prague and ‘absinth’ , it should also be recognised as a very important city for its preservation of many Art Deco motifs. Almost every modern Australian city also has fine examples of Art Deco architecture, many under threat of demolition and overt redevelopment. As the increasing level of property developer contributions to State Labor governments becomes more apparent, those who support heritage protection should become increasingly concerned that we are losing generations of history under our noses – rather than finding ways of integrating the two, using the same principles the Art Deco movements proponents themselvesĀ used.

But for those with a penchant for this period should be overjoyed that Melbourne will play host to the 9th World Congress on Art Deco , 16-20th April 2008.

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Hosted by the Australian Art Deco Society Inc, lovers of the style can engage with fellow enthusiasts from around the world with lectures from experts in the field and tours of Art Deco buildings in Melbourne. Another wonderful online resource is Art Deco News, that provides a gateway to the global Art Deco world of architecture, jewellery and fashion from the period.


Jean Depres Art deco brooch featured at the Tadema Gallery

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