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Perez Hilton hits the absinthe at

Absinthe is officially in.

Perez Hilton celebrated his 30th birthday at the Beverly Wiltshire in LA this past weekend, and by all accounts it was the bash to attend, with Marc Jacobs, Candis Cayne and a host of other glam people trolling about.

The centrepiece beverage of the night?

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“Saturday night, we converted the ballroom at the Beverly Wilshire (yeah, the Pretty Woman hotel) into our very own Cuban paradise…

“Palm trees lined the room and Le Tourment Vert absinthe flowed freely!”

Now, neither Jonathan nor myself have yet tried LTV but by all accounts is it pretty ordinary. It’s blue, for a start, and allegedly tastes of mouthwash. You would think that the Queen of All Media would know someone with decent taste in absinthe, wouldn’t you? Or maybe this is all because LTV is the absinthe Madonna chose to serve at her Oscars party recently.

Be glad for small mercies, people. At least there were no matches in sight.

So, should we expect a deluge of celebrity vanity labels of absinthe? Perezinthe? Madonnasinthe? Oh no…


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