Fringe Finale

Today is the last day of the Fringe, so if you haven’t been out to see something yet, for god’s sake log on and check out what is left with the remainder of the day – there is entertainment aplenty going until the wee hours of the night.

To round off my 2008 Fringe Experience I went to the one of the showcase Fringe Club nights this week at the Higher Ground Theatre. Built amongst the remains of what was once the Night Train Theatre Restaurant (although I remember its hey day as a laser tag venue 20 odd years ago), the Higher Ground Theatre is an incubator for new and established artists to present their work in the realms of theatre, circus, dance, music, cabaret or experimental acts of exploration.

Needless to say, post-Fringe, this is a venue to keep an eye on – permanent creative artspaces are becoming something of a rare bird in many cities.

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The Fringe Club is a bit of a lucky dip as the line up changes night to night, with each act getting about 15 minutes of fame. The night I went I was treated to vulgar and vaguely homoerotic musical puppetry, a very bitter and drunken wheelchair bound drag queen, and some comedy acts that pushed acceptable taste to the boundaries for even this libertarian.

But the star of the night was a crooner called Michaelangelo, who I can only describe as the Spanish bastard-son of Elvis and Chris Isaac, who sangs songs of death, love and unusual divine conception amongst olive groves. If I could find any details about him I’d link him, but like all mysterious Spaniards who wander into town, they drift out again after engaging in dazzling swordplay and serenading the ladies….oh wait, that’s Zorro isn’t it?

Seriously though, if you didn’t get to the Fringe this year, do some forward planning and get along next year. It is Australia’s biggest art festival, and the second largest Fringe Festival in the world, second only to the famed Edinburgh Festival.

And the perfect incubator for Absinthe related culture. has been able to get along to see the reviewed performances thanks to the Adelaide Fringe media liaison crew – a big thank you to them!

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