We go ga-ga for Ruby Woo


The Puppini Sisters

Having recently discovered The Puppini Sisters, I cannot keep my mouth shut any longer: they are officially the coolest thing since ice.

The Sisters are a three-piece vocal group from the UK who are at the forefront of the Vintage Revival currently sweeping the country (and fast catching on here). Marcella, Kate and Steph give a 20s-30s-40s treatment to many well-known tracks, beautiful renditions of standards such asMr. Sandman and Bei Mir Bist Du Schon to simply incredible re-imaginings of songs like Crazy In Love, Wuthering Heights, Heart of Glass and, my personal favourite, Walk Like An Egyptian. Their most recent album, The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo (a reference to a MAC Cosmetics lipstick favoured by the gals… and Robert Smith of The Cure, if you can believe their Wiki entry) also includes several original compositions which are equally stunning and showcase their close-harmony style to great effect.

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Pour yourself a dose, fix your snood, and bask in their sultry brilliance here

Just too cool.

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