The Salon – an illustrated tale of art, murder and absinthe

Imagine if you will the following scenario.Someone is killing the great modernist artists of early 20th century Europe – principally by separating their heads from their bodies.

But what of the addictive blue absinthe that painters around Paris have been using to enter famous paintings in a transcendental psychadelic trip? Who is the mysterious “Blue Lady”? Could this hold the key to the murders?

The Salon

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An unlikely band of artistic sleuths, including the likes of Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso, Alice B. Toklas, Erik Satie, and Guillaume Apollinaire, team up with Gertrude and Leo Stein to unmask the killer and bring the rampage to an end.

A graphic novel filled with danger, art history, and daring escapes, The Salon is an avant-garde murder-mystery ride through the origins of modern art by illustrator Nick Bertozzi. It is available through St Martins Press and good online retailers.

You can also check out a promotional video on Nick’s livejournal

If thoughts of absinthe, art and murder tickle your fancy, and you consider yourself proficient with the pen (I know, I know, you are a poor tortured writer just waiting to be discovered…) then perhaps you should join your peers who have been blindfolded, bound and wrapped in gaffer tape to the literary chair that is Crimespace, a hub of crime writing literati and glitterati.

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