Steampunk accessories for the modern lifestyle


Does your antique absinthe set look slightly odd sitting next to your brand new 21st century flatscreen home computer? Do you find yourself wishing that those things we have come to rely on in our daily lives, like home computers, mobiles, scanners and iPods were a little more in keeping with your decadent, eldritch 19th century absintheur soul?

Well, it would appear you are not alone.

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 Steampunk literary fiction has been around since the 1980s, however recently some clever Yanks (Richard Nagy and “Jake” Von Scott, to be precise) have taken it upon themselves to retrostyle one-of-a-kind pieces of hardware such as keyboards, flatscreens, iPods and bass amps and make them look like artefacts from an alternative 19th century. They’ve even come up with a pair of telegraph sounders which can be wired up to tap out an RSS feed.


These pieces are nothing short of gorgeous and man, do they tell your modern, minimalist grey appliances where to stick it in no uncertain terms. Each piece has a unique design all its own, and there are also tips and step-by-step techniques which the brave can attempt to follow in order to make-slash-ruin your own belongings. Those with an occult bent will surely love the keyboard which comes with keys in Enochian script…


After seeing pics of some of their previous work, I have decided I can no longer live without a Victorian home computer. Perhaps with a neat, retractable shelf for a glass of fee verte?

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