More poorly researched reporting on absinthe in America

 L'absinthe odieuse

 United Press International have this week reported that absinthe is legal once again in the United States as the 21st century product lacks wormwood. This, as we know, is most definitely untrue.

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The report states that “WJXT-TV in Jacksonville, Florida said Tuesday that said the absinthe sold in local liquor stores lacks wormwood, a plant oil that contains the drink’s potent active ingredient.

“Absinthe is a high-powered green drink said to cause hallucinations that has been banned in the United States since World War I. WJXT said two brands of absinthe have been imported legally into the United States without the wormwood.”

It seems Jacksonville, Florida isn’t a hub of factual absinthe information after all. For the full report and comments go here.

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